Everyone knows that moving can be stressful and intimidating whether it’s across town or hundreds of miles away. Taking time to plan and organize will help to alleviate some of the problems along the way. Here are some tips to follow:

2 Months Prior:
Contact several moving companies – obtain estimates. Choose one.
Remove items from the attic, basement, storage shed
Sort through closets to decide what you want, what can be donated
Start to use up items you can’t move such as cleaning supplies, frozen foods

6 Weeks Prior:
Make travel arrangements
Notify your children’s school, obtain records, contact new schools
Obtain medical and dental records for each member of the family
Ask for recommendations, if possible

1 Month Prior
Fill out change of address cards from post office
Contact Veterinarian for medical records for your pets
Notify utility companies to disconnect services/activate at new home
Contact insurance companies – home, auto, renters, life
If packing yourself, order supplies – make labels for all boxes
Plan a garage sale for unwanted items

2 Weeks Prior:
Track down important papers- birth certificates, passports, auto registration, wills, bank checks, etc. Place them in organized folders and keep with you instead of packing.
Close bank accounts/open new accounts
Take photographs of all your valuables
Withdraw items from safety deposit box, pick up drycleaning

1 Week Prior:
Pack a box of personal items that you will need
Pack your first night box
Cancel newspaper deliveries
Clean appliances, defrost refrigerator/freezer

Moving Day:
Have all related paperwork for the move in a safe place
Leave keys/garage door openers
Keep a sense of humor